terça-feira, 18 de junho de 2013

There are moments in life when you feel empty, when you feel like nothing, just a big cloud waling around, with no expression, no feelings, not even a face or a name. When you acumulate too many feelings, too many tears, too many pain, you feel like that. You act like a big stone, like nothing afects you while you're breaking apart inside. And the worst part is when you know you can't take it anymore, but you keep a smile in your face and your head held high. You walk and smile like nothing is wrong but inside there's just a big emptiness eroding you. There is no ground to hold you, no air to breath, no glue to keep you together, no strength to keep you fighting, no one around you even though you're surrounded, no voice to let you scream, no hope to make you believe. In the mirror, you only see a huge failure, someone that can't hold it inside but doesn't want to let it all out, someone that lives his life in a zombie mode, someone whose smile lost his varacity a long time ago, someone whose life has no purpose but with no courage to end it. What kind of life is this one? Is it worth it? But you promisse yourself to be strong, to keep fighting every single day, to keep living, even if it's a crappy life where you're tired of living, where you are trapped in your thoughts, hate and frustrations about yourself. What to do? Just wake up every morning hoping it's going to be a better day. And if it's not, go to sleep and the next day wake up with the same attitude. There's nothing else to do but survive instead of living.