sábado, 25 de setembro de 2010

Perfectly me

My body isn't perfect.
I don't walk with confidence.
I get into fights with my parents and friends.
Some nights I'd rather be by myself than out partying.
I cry over the smallest things sometimes.
There are days that I get through with forced smiles and fake laughs.
Sometimes I try to convince myself that things are okay when they're not.
I'm not ugly but I'm not beautiful.
I don't look as good in real life as I do in pictures.
There are some nights that I cry myself to sleep.
I constantly think I'm not good enough.
I'm imperfect, but I'm perfectly me.

/Autor Desconhecido

7 comentários:

  1. sabes que não tens razões para isto, és linda sim ! e eu amo-te como és, sabes bem disso. eu estarei aqui para tudo <3

  2. obrigada querida :$

    Eu amo o teu blog :c, tá realmente boom , e amo a musica :)

  3. gostei muito deste blog.. adoro a musica *-* já o sigo (:

  4. perfeito, perfeito! escreves tão bem, amo-te <3