terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2011

wake up

it started slowly, one look, one smile, one touch. everything began being important. not for you, for me. i can't change what i feel about you and i can't change the way you feel about her. wake up, she doesn't deserve you. i'm the one who needs you, the one who's still here, the one who wants you, the one who admires every single laugh of yours. looking at you, i smile without even noticing, you make me happy while breaking my heart, my hope. wake up, i'm here for you. every single moment has his importance, everytime you touch me i feel something inside wanting to come out. please just wake up, i want you. nothing has changed, you haven't noticed my heart beating yet, you look at her while she turns her back. i know it hurts, you're doing the same to me. you haven't woke on time, things changed. i don't want you the way i wanted, i don't look at you the way i did. you should have woken up earlier. you should have opened your eyes, i was crazy about you. but this isn't a love story, it's just another story about love*